we meet again.


we meet again.

even thought time has grown and so have we,
we meet together like old friends with lots of familiarity.

still the same.
totally different.
appearances have shifted some.

[where did I go?]
I was never truly gone.
just lost in the thoughts and dreams of my unstopped mind.

they were bottled up for far too long. 
they started leaking long ago.

so I let them out.
and now I'm left to stitch them back again.

I'll smile at you,
you'll smile at me.
knowing the years have passed.

silently acknowledging the settlement of our new relationship.
however unhealthy it may be.
I'll always come back for words.
that's a promise.

so here we are,
two fast friends just living this thing we call life.

lets share some words, pick up where we left off.
and tell our life some more.

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