summer snow.


summer 2012.

things just came easy for us.

we drove with the windows down hand-in-hand; while the sun warmed our skin and the wind whipped my hair. you would blast foster the people through the speakers; so loud that i couldn't quite hear you singing to me.

we stopped at our favorite snow shack like we always did on hot summer days. you were adventurous when it came to snow cones; trying different assortment of flavors every time, while i stuck to my cotton candy syrup.

your lips were icy when you kissed me, and you tasted like tigers blood. those were the kind of sweet kisses that made my head fall into a fuzz.

things were so natural for us. it was like breathing. i was truly happy with you and i wanted a million moments exactly like that one.

things seemed to be flawless before you left.

1 comment:

  1. adventurous in snow cone flavors.
    this is a lovely image.
    a big thing wrapped in such a small detail.
    why did he leave?

    Breakfast After 10