being used is never pleasurable or desirable. those bruised lips and messy hair never looked good on anyone. you lose a bit of dignity every time...even if it was just kissing.

they were kisses that didn't mean anything to either parties. hungry lips never stopped to ask questions or establish feelings, and after the thrill dies down you feel a bit emptier than you did before. you spill what you have been bottling up onto another person who doesn't matter to you. soon enough it becomes a habit, instead of an act of affection and love.

i miss the kisses that mean something.
i miss the tender ones, and those lingering eyes.

now all i have is these passionless lips and faceless people. they don't care. they're just chasing after their lust. i hate the mutual agreement that goes unacknowledged between these shared glances and easy lips. these lips have gotten me into trouble with myself.

i hate having to pick my pride up off the floor, and i hate the feeling of easiness that accompanies me.

why have i slipped into this habitual coma?
i want to break the cycle that has become my life.

the only person i am hurting is myself. this is where the unashamed conform to guilt and disappointment.


  1. i love the way you write!! it is lovely, and you deserve someone who will treat you right

  2. amazing and true words.i love your blog and your post.its different in a very unique way.i love it.kisses from Kenya.
    Wanna follow each other?

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  4. what if you want kisses that mean nothing
    but the lingering eyes come anyway?

    the empty hole expands.

    Breakfast After 10

    1. i never thought about it that way...at first i wanted empty kisses, but now not so much.

  5. So beautifully put

    I hope you find someone whose kisses are sincere x

  6. Just when you least expect someone will come along who means everything, with sincere kisses and lingering eyes and all x

  7. i hope you find the kisses that matter and mean something.

  8. fantastic writing - somewhat relatable. hope you find a respecting love that you deserve.